Heelarious News

The Today Show “Little girls can get a jump start on their strut and be top-models-in-training before they leave the crib”

– Bobbi Thomas
The Today Show

In Touch Weekly“Nichole Richie and Elisabeth Rohm are getting a kick out of their kids with Heelarious high-heels.”

– Bobbi Thomas
In Touch Magazine

E Online“Wondering what to get the new parents Jamie Lynn Spears and fiancé Casey Aldridge.”

– Laura Lane
E Online

People Magazine

“Which celebrity parents couldn’t you imagine loving these?”

– Danielle Senior, People Magazine
“Celebrity Baby blog”

BBC“The shoes are hysterical. I’m surprised no one came up with the idea sooner.”

– Happy Customer Annette from New York

Entertainment Tonight

“Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, are you listening?”

– Entertainment Tonight

Good Morning America

“They’re squishy! They’re to dress your baby up when they’re going to fancy events, so they can have their own high heels.”

– Diane Sawyer, ABC
“Good Morning America”

Pop Gadget“Next time a friend of mine gives birth to a girl, I’m visiting the hospital with a pair of these. Every new mother needs a good laugh after what she’s just been through.”

– Lydia Kim,
Pop Gadget

Fox News Heelarious Interview








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